Beginning PHP Laravel: Step to step approach to building an Inventory App

Written by Oluwafemi AlofePublished March 2020
This book is aimed at beginners who are looking to start building applications using Laravel and are ready to get hands-on, pretty fast by building a minimal project that covers most of the Laravel framework basics and a few advanced features that might seem overwhelming to beginners at first. Intermediate users with some experience, seeking better ways to architect small to medium-sized applications will also find this book beneficial.This book will show you how to build a simple inventory application. It will cover topics such as Blade Templating where we will be taking a random Bootstrap theme and converting it into a lean template which we can extend for all our pages, Authentication for our registration and login, Eloquent ORM to show you different database table relationships including a feature called soft deletes, Dependency Injection, Email setup and configuration, Routing types, naming and grouping and finally TASK SCHEDULING & CRON JOBS to perform background process.Most of all you will be learning how to write production-quality code by adhering to a standard naming convention, practices and writing DRY(Do, not repeat yourself) codes. The code to this project is hosted and can be found on GitHub.