Add e2e tests with cypress to a React application |

Written by Tomasz ŁakomyPublished March 2020

Imagine the following.

You join a new project and after getting access to the repo you notice that there's no tests.

You decide to ask the team whether they are in different repo or something and unfortunately the answer is:

We don't have any tests, we didn't have the time.


In this collection we're going to learn how to add e2e tests with to an existing React app in order to do two things:

  • 🌟 Ensure that our app currently works as intended
  • 🌟 Allow us to add features to it with a technique called "Cypress Driven Development"

In less than 20 minutes we're going to go through:

  • ⚡️Adding setup to an existing project
  • ⚡️Testing search functionality with data-cy properties
  • ⚡️Using "Cypress Driven Development" to add a new feature to an app
  • ⚡️Use Cypress UI to debug an API response
  • ⚡️How to use cy.only and cy.skip in order for us to build our e2e test suite faster

and much more!