Automated Software Testing with Cypress

Written by Kaniel OutisPublished March 2019

!!! UPDATED IN 2021 + New content is released every 2 weeks !!!

What is this course about?

Learn web automation and testing using world most popular non selenium framework called Cypress. This course is designed to be as practical as possible. We will be coding straight from the start! All you need to do is install NodeJS and your favorite code editor and have a little bit of programming knowledge ideally in Javascript.

What will you learn in this course?

  • How to install, create and setup multiple cypress testing projects

  • Web Automation and Elements Interaction with Cypress API

  • Practice various Real World E2E Testing Examples

  • Learn advanced Cypress features and patterns

  • Learn REST API Testing with Cypress

  • Learn Cypress + Docker Container

  • Learn Cypress Extensions and Plugins

  • How to implement Page Objects Design Pattern which is very popular in test automation field

  • Behavior Driver Development using Cypress + Cucumber

  • Visual regression testing using Percy library

  • Continuous integration using Jenkins and how to setup testing pipeline

  • How to work with XPaths

  • Cloud testing using BrowserStack

  • Tips and tricks from the experts in the automation field

  • Prepare and practice for interviews

How to get help?

Learning is a never ending process and we all make mistakes and get stuck sometimes, but don't worry you can always send me a private message or write a post to Q&A section where is already a lot of questions and issues solved by me or other students who are helping each other :)

So Let's Start :)