End to End automation testing with Cypress

Written by Karthik KKPublished February 2019

In this course End to End automation testing with Cypress we will discuss a complete working/understanding and hands-on testing of applications using Cypress

This course begins with much basic and slowly progresses towards the advanced concepts of Cypress till the latest version of Cypress which is Cypress 7

This course covers topics such as

· UI automation testing for Web-based application via Chrome/Electron/Chromium and firefox

· Complete understanding of Cypress test runner

· API testing with Cypress

· XHR testing for testing XMLHTTPResponse of any website

· Behavioral driven development testing with Cucumber.js integration with Cypress using plugins

· Complete understanding of various cypress commands

· Cypress Dashboard for Parallel test execution

· Cypress test execution in Docker container

· Page Object Model support in Cypress

· Cypress with XPath plugins

· Working with different cypress plugins

· Tips and tricks of using Cypress for larger project

· Debugging with Cypress via Chrome Dev Tool

· Visual testing with Percy

· Mochawesome reporting with Cypress

· CI/CD integration of Cypress with Jenkins

· Cross-browser testing support of Cypress

· CI/CD integration of Cypress with GitHub Actions

· Cypress Studio

· Network stubbing and Mocking with Cypress

· Component Testing with Cypress to test UI in Isolation

At the end of this course, one will have a complete understanding of Cypress from the ground up!