OAuth 2.0 in Spring Boot Applications

Written by Sergey KargopolovPublished June 2020

This video course is for beginner Java developers who are interested in learning how to secure OAuth 2.0 Resources in Spring Security 5.

The course covers only the new OAuth 2.0 stack in Spring Security 5.

You will learn how to: 

  • Perform each OAuth 2 authorization flow,

  • Startup and configure the Keycloak server,

  • Configure OAuth 2 Resource Server,

  • Startup multiple Resource Servers on random port numbers,

  • Configure Spring Cloud API Gateway,

  • Configure and use Eureka Registry and Discovery Service,

  • Build a simple Spring MVC Web Application that fetches data from a protected Resource Server running behind Spring Cloud API Gateway.

  • Implement a simple JavaScript application that uses PKCE-Enhanced authorization code to acquire an access token and communicate with protected Resource Server.