Test automation with Cypress (intermediate)

Written by Walmyr FilhoPublished February 2020

If you came from our basic Cypress course (or not), take the next step on becoming an expert in test automation with Cypress and broaden your test automation skills.

Cypress is an open-source framework that allows writing automated tests in an easy, fast, and reliable way, all in JavaScript.

Besides that, Cypress is friendly for developers and QA engineers, and it’s not based on Selenium!

This means that, with Cypress, it’s possible to interact with web applications in ways that were not possible before, and this is exactly what you will learn during this course.

In this course, you will learn how to optimize graphical user interface (GUI) tests by making API calls.

During the course, you will learn:

  • How to set up the application under test (AUT) using Docker

  • How to set up the test automation project with Cypress

  • How to create basic GUI (graphical user interface) tests with Cypress

  • How to create intermediate GUI tests with Cypress (2 pre-conditions)

  • API testing with Cypress

  • How to create tests in an optimized way using API calls

  • How to create tests that interact with the AUT via the operating system level

  • How to run all tests

  • Next steps in the journey to learn Cypress

As soon as you're done with the course, you will be able to put all the learnings into practice on your web projects (of your own or related to your work.)

These are the main benefits of enrolling in this course:

  • An easy project set up

  • Quick evolution from lesson-to-lesson

  • GUI and API tests

  • Automated tests independent of each other

  • Fast, automated tests

  • Robust automated tests for reliable test results.

Join us, and excel in your career!